Farmers’ perceptions of climate change and its implication on livestock production in mixed-farming system areas of Bale highlands, Southeast Ethiopia; Challenges and extents of Soil and Water Conservation measures in Guba-Lafto Woreda of North Wollo, Ethiopia; Evaluation of milk production performance of lactating Fogera cows fed with urea and effective micro-organisms treated rice straw as basal diet.
E3 Journal of Agricultural Research and Development

Table of Content: June 2013 ; 3 (4)

Research Articles

Elias Dadebo, Agumas Tesfahun, Yosef Teklegiorgis
Food and feeding habits of the African big barb Labeobarbus intermedius (Rüppell, 1836) (Pisces: Cyprinidae) in Lake Koka, Ethiopia
[ Abstract]  [ Full Article - PDF]  pp. 049-058

A Cholarajan, R Vijayakumar
Status of micronutrients in terrestrial soils of Thanjavur district, Tamilnadu, India
[ Abstract]  [ Full Article - PDF]  pp. 059-063

Parvez Khan, Muhammad Imtiaz
Studies on the nutritional requirements of candidate rice genotype Bas-15-1
[ Abstract]  [ Full Article - PDF]  pp. 064-070

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