Assessment of physical environmental factors influencing residential area preference in Otukpo town, Benue state- Nigeria; Protective effect of methanolic extract of laportea aestuans on indomethacin-induced kidney damage in male wistar rats; Neuroprotective effect of Mulberry (Morus nigra) leaf extract on acrylamide ? induced Zebrafish (Danio rerio); Comparative study of moringa leaves from different regions on antioxidant and hemolytic activity
E3 Journal of Environmental Research and Management

Table of Content: September 2013 ; 4 (8)

Research Articles

Mariana Saidón
Environmental returns to education: an application to waste management in quilmes county of Argentine
[ Abstract]  [ Full Article - PDF]  pp. 0302-0309

HC Zhang, FQ Chang, GJ Chen, Q Zhen, YF Cai, Huayong Li
Human impact on climate and eco-hydrological systems in the Badain Jaran desert in northwest China
[ Abstract]  [ Full Article - PDF]  pp. 0310-0317

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