Assessment of physical environmental factors influencing residential area preference in Otukpo town, Benue state- Nigeria; Protective effect of methanolic extract of laportea aestuans on indomethacin-induced kidney damage in male wistar rats; Neuroprotective effect of Mulberry (Morus nigra) leaf extract on acrylamide ? induced Zebrafish (Danio rerio); Comparative study of moringa leaves from different regions on antioxidant and hemolytic activity

E3 Journal of Environmental Research and Management

E3 Journal of Environmental Research and Management Vol. 9 (1) pp. 006-010, April 2018; © E3 Journals; ISSN 2141-7466

Comparative analysis of safety and effectiveness between organically produced insecticides and synthetically produced ones.

1 Department of science laboratory technology, Delta State Polytechnic Ozoro. Delta state. Nigeria E-MAIL:

Accepted 10 January 2018


Environmental degradation and need to prevent its occurrence prodded the current research of producing an environmentally friendly organically produced insecticide that will compete favourably with synthetically produced one at cheaper costs. Plant materials used as ingredients include Azardirachta indica, (Neem leaves) leaf extract, aqueous extract of garlic, onion and chili pepper, to produce the organophosphate insecticide and raid insecticides is used as the synthetic insecticide. Both were simultaneously applied to control insects’ pests and ordinary water was used as control. The toxicity of the two was measured by the rate and time of the mortality of the insects and also the side effects observed. After random applications the synthetic insecticides were more effective. This may be due to the crude nature of the organically produced ones. If it can be improved upon and more researches are carried out it would be as good if not better. The corrosiveness of the synthetic insecticide is very high so also its side effects which the organic one does not have. With more research and governmental encouragement better improvements can be brought to the production of organic insecticides to make it better in functions than the synthetic ones since it proved to be more environmentally friendly, cheaper to produce and with less side effects.

Keywords: Environment, Organic, Synthetic Azardirachta indica, garlic, onion and chilli pepper,

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