Farmers’ perceptions of climate change and its implication on livestock production in mixed-farming system areas of Bale highlands, Southeast Ethiopia; Challenges and extents of Soil and Water Conservation measures in Guba-Lafto Woreda of North Wollo, Ethiopia; Evaluation of milk production performance of lactating Fogera cows fed with urea and effective micro-organisms treated rice straw as basal diet.

E3 Journal of Agricultural Research and Development

E3 Journal of Agricultural Research and Development Vol. 6 (2) pp. 030-033, August 2016; © E3 Journals; ISSN 2276-9897

Determinants of the utilization of agricultural inputs and transfer of agricultural technologies. A review of literature on agricultural extension model

Dereje Derso1 * , Edo Elemo1 , Yenesaw Sawnet1
1 Department of Rural Development and Agricultural Extension, School of Agriculture, Madda Walabu University. Bale Robe, Ethiopia
*Corresponding Author E-mail:
Accepted 30 June 2016


The agricultural production system in Ethiopia is highly dominated by traditional farming and the application of modern agricultural inputs has been extremely limited. As a result, yields of various crops are very low. The country severely suffers from the inability to feed them and to depend on food imports and food aid. Farmers΄ continuous use of low yielding varieties will make it difficult for the government to achieve maximum agricultural growth. Designing appropriate intervention programs to address the continuing challenges of limited use of improved agricultural inputs requires an adequate understanding of the physical, technological, and cultural and socio- economic constraints associated with improved inputs use. Thus, this paper focused on review of determinant of the utilization of agricultural inputs and technology transfer in Ethiopia. Reviewed literature showed that the extent to which farmers utilize available technology and the speed by which they do so determines the impact of innovations in terms of productivity growth.

Keywords: Agriculture, Inputs, Technology

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