A review of cyclostationary feature detection based spectrum sensing technique in cognitive radio networks; Effect of quality work life relationship on occupational stresses among Bu-alisina university staff in Hamadan province, IR Iran; Partial purification of α-amylase expressed by a tropical mutant strain of Aspergillus flavus IFE 03.

E3 Journal of Scientific Research

E3 Journal of Scientific Research Vol. 4 (1) pp. 011-017, April 2016; © E3 Journals; ISSN 2276-9919

Young girl prostitution and risks in Maroua town (Far North Cameroon)

Eloundou Messi Paul Basile1 *
1 Departement of Geography, Higher Teacher’s Training College, University of Maroua – Cameroon
*Corresponding Author E-mail: elomessy@yahoo.fr
Accepted 16 March 2016


In developed and under developed countries, the phenomenon of prostitution is getting widespread. Cameroon does make an exception with respect to this trend, which goes increasing in the big towns of this country. This phenomenon is recurrent in highly populated neighborhoods of sub-division headquarters and regions where young girls give themselves to the oldest trade of the world. The latter are often compelled by social structures, individual agents and companies to practice prostitution. Poverty, social problems, corruption and criminality contribute to the widespread of this phenomenon among young girls in the town of Maroua. The aim of this study is to show the itineraries taken by young prostitutes and envisage a study of health risks (sexually transmitted diseases and HIV-AIDS) which these ladies undergo in the practice of this trade. The methodology will consists in mapping popular pleasure spaces in Maroua town from the city current town map. A field survey and a questionnaire were carried out with free women or “femme de joie”, i.e., pleasure ladies on the origin and awareness of health risks these ladies expose themselves to.

Keywords: Prostitution, popular neighborhoods, Maroua, health risks and young girls

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