Farmers’ perceptions of climate change and its implication on livestock production in mixed-farming system areas of Bale highlands, Southeast Ethiopia; Challenges and extents of Soil and Water Conservation measures in Guba-Lafto Woreda of North Wollo, Ethiopia; Evaluation of milk production performance of lactating Fogera cows fed with urea and effective micro-organisms treated rice straw as basal diet.

E3 Journal of Agricultural Research and Development

E3 Journal of Agricultural Research and Development Vol. 5 (3) pp. 0145-0155, December 2015; © E3 Journals; ISSN 2276-9897

Agricultural decline and the need for sustainable tourism alternatives in Ndop Central Sub-Division, North West Cameroon

Mphoweh Jude Nzembayie 1 * , Nouridin Melo 1
1 Aalborg University (AAU) Denmark University of Maroua Cameroon
*Corresponding Author E-mail:
Accepted 18 November 2015


Agriculture served as the driver for economic development in Ndop from the 1970’s to the late 1990’s. This region thrived thanks to the activities of the Upper Nun Development Authority (U.N.V.D.A) in areas like agricultural innovations and infrastructural development. The U.N.V.D.A employed over 7000 workers and developed over 3000 hectares of farmland. However, the economic crisis of 1992 in Cameroon also affected the U.N.V.D.A to a point of bankruptcy. Hence dependence on agriculture and natural resources without other alternatives rendered village communities vulnerable. This research therefore set forth to respond to the following question: What tourism potentials are present in N.C.S.D and how could these be exploited as drivers of sustainable development in this region? To provide an answer, several methods of data collection were applied. A matrix for identifying tourism potentials was designed based on ideographic, cognitive and cross-perspective measures. A transect walk through the study area also enabled a better observation of these potentials. Interviews and consultation of secondary sources also complemented the process. It was observed that Ndop has several untapped tourism potentials based on its physical and cultural resources. These resources if properly exploited could lead to sustainable tourism development in this region.

Keywords: agriculture, sustainable tourism development, tourism potentials

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