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E3 Journal of Environmental Research and Management

E3 Journal of Environmental Research and Management Vol. 6 (1) pp. 0198-0203, January 2015; © E3 Journals; ISSN 2141-7466

Knowledge of quality of housing and practice among residents of an urban community in north-central Nigeria

Tagurum YO 1 * , Miner CA 1 , Otti NH 1 , Bode OT 1 , Attawodi OS 1 , Ogbonna C 1 , Zoakah AI 1
1 Department of Community Medicine, University of Jos, Jos
*Corresponding Author E-mail:
Accepted 30 November 2014


The study was aimed at evaluating the knowledge of and quality of housing among residents of Tudun-Wada, an urban high density area in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. Using a multi-stage sampling technique, household heads or their representatives were interviewed using interviewer administered questionnaires. Knowledge of housing standards, practice and effects of housing quality on health was assessed. Data collected was analyzed using EPI Info version 3.5.1 software. A total of 80 household heads were studied and more than half of them (45) 56.2% were males and most were within the 20-29 year age group. Knowledge of housing was fair as 61.3% and 62.3% of them knew a good house should provide accommodation and be able to withstand the elements respectively. Source of water among the respondents was mainly from shallow wells (43.8%) while only a third (37.5%) boiled their water before drinking. Pit latrine was used by half (50%) of the respondents for sewage disposal and 5% used buckets. Half of the houses employed burning as their main refuse disposal method. Flies were noted to be a problem in about 42.5% of the houses studied. More than half (55%) of the houses had holes and cracks on the walls while 80% of the household heads admitted to having a problem of rodent infestation in their buildings. Even though knowledge of housing quality was fair among the respondents, sanitary waste disposal practice and housing maintenance was poor. Government agencies responsible for the enforcement of town planning policies should be urged to improve their activities in order to improve the standard and quality of housing in the metropolis.

Keywords: housing, knowledge, practice

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