Line Bisection Judgments in Untreated and Undertreatment ADHD Children; Prevalence of human Myiasis infestation among primary school pupils in Ayamelum Local Government Area, Anambra State South- Eastern Nigeria.

E3 Journal of Medical Research

E3 Journal of Medical Research Vol. 1 (7) pp. 091-094, August 2012; © E3 Journals; ISSN 2276-9900

Production of amylase from Aspergillus niger using a defined synthetic growth medium and also rice (Oryza sativa) as growth substrate

Adekunle Odunayo Adejuwon1 * , Olanike Olajide2 , Olabisi Adewole2
1 Department of Microbiology,Faculty of Information Technology and Applied Sciences,Lead City University,Ibadan,Nigeria
2 Nike Ventures,Yawiri, Akobo-Ojurin,Ibadan,Nigeria
*Corresponding Author E-mail:
Accepted 6 June 2012


Aspergillus niger grew in both a growth medium with rice as carbon and growth source and in a defined synthetic medium with varying carbon and nitrogen sources at 25oC producing amylase. Optimum amylase activity in rice was expressed on the eighth day of incubation as 0.58 Units. In the synthetic growth medium with starch as carbon source and tryptone as nitrogen source, optimum amylase activity was expressed on the seventh day as 0.47 Units; with ammonium chloride as nitrogen source and maltose as carbon source of growth, optimum amylase activity was expressed on the ninth day as 3.525 Units. This investigation suggests a means of production of amylase for industrial purposes.

Keywords: Aspergillus niger; Amylase; synthetic growth medium; rice

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