Line Bisection Judgments in Untreated and Undertreatment ADHD Children; Prevalence of human Myiasis infestation among primary school pupils in Ayamelum Local Government Area, Anambra State South- Eastern Nigeria.

E3 Journal of Medical Research

E3 Journal of Medical Research Vol. 1 (5) pp. 069-073, June 2012; © E3 Journals; ISSN 2276-9900

Anti-venom activity of ethanolic extract of bridelia ferruginea leaves against naja nigricollis venom

Sanni Momoh1 * , Emmanuel T Friday1 , Ejoba Raphael1 , Abraham Stephen 1 , Umar S1
1 Biochemistry Department, Kogi State University, Anyigba
*Corresponding Author E-mail:
Accepted 8 May 2012


The Bridelia ferruginea plant as anti-snake venom activity against the venom of a clinically important snake, Naja nigricollis was investigated. The Bridelia ferruginea leaves were dried and extracted with ethanol and bioactive compounds such as tannins alkaloids,saponnin,flavonoids,steroids,terpenoids were determined by standard method. The effect of the extract on some selected enzymes activity in the serum/liver of albino rats induced with the snake venom was studied and the histopathology. The result showed that Bridelia ferruginea leaf extract has little anti-snake venom activity. Possibly, the plant extract could be more effective in vivo if the experiment model is modified to stimulate actual life experience.

Keywords: Bridelia ferruginea, anti-snake venom; Naja nigricolis; Histopathology; Enzyme activity

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