Effect of Gentamicin and Amoxicillin on methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) against different time and concentrations; Comparative study of the effect of bitter leaf extract and antibiotics (gentamycin and amoxicillin) on bacterial species isolated from wound.
E3 Journal of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Research

Table of Content: April 2013 ; 4 (4)

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Jeveria Rehman, Islam Ullah Khan, Sidra Farid, Shagufta Kamal, Nosheen Aslam
Phytochemical screening and evaluation of in-vitro antioxidant potential of Monotheca buxifolia
[ Abstract]  [ Full Article - PDF]  pp. 54-60

Ejekwumadu, John Nnamdi, Sarker, Mosharraf
Fluorescence investigation of discriminatory phagocytosis of live Escherichia coli and Lactobacillus rhamnosus by J774 Murine macrophage
[ Abstract]  [ Full Article - PDF]  pp. 61-67

D. Kubmarawa, M. H. Shagal, B. G. Diwu
Amino acid profile of Amaranthus caudatus
[ Abstract]  [ Full Article - PDF]  pp. 68-72

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