Farmers’ perceptions of climate change and its implication on livestock production in mixed-farming system areas of Bale highlands, Southeast Ethiopia; Challenges and extents of Soil and Water Conservation measures in Guba-Lafto Woreda of North Wollo, Ethiopia; Evaluation of milk production performance of lactating Fogera cows fed with urea and effective micro-organisms treated rice straw as basal diet.

E3 Journal of Agricultural Research and Development

E3 Journal of Agricultural Research and Development Vol. 7 (1) pp. 086-091, February 2017; © E3 Journals; ISSN 2276-9897

A pragmatic approach to enhance the production of Zea mays genotypes by K application in Peshawar, Pakistan

Uzair Ahmad 1 * , Unab Begum 1
1 Department of Plant Protection, The University of Agriculture, 25120- Peshawar, Pakistan
2 Department of Botany, Bacha Khan University, 24420- Charsadda, Pakistan.
*Corresponding Author E-mail:
Accepted 16 January 2017


The food security is a huge problem with the increase in population of the Pakistan. Zea mays is one of the major cereal crop and has the capability to compete with the production as well as supporting the controlling applications. As, the modern genotypes has the good potential to resist with the potassium (K) application into the field. An experiment was conducted on K levels with 0, 30, 60 and 90 kg ha-1. Maize genotypes viz MM-50, MM-44, ZMS-52, ZMS-51, ZMS-40, ZMS-06, GV-41, Kiramat-2C, 325-PW and Babar-1C were tested into the field. Our results concluded that K levels had a significant effect on grain yield and yield components. Application of K at 60 kg ha-1 showed good yield compared to all other levels of K applications. The tested genotypes also had a significant effect on the tested traits. The genotype (MM-50) showed maximum grains yield (3924 kg ha-1) and maximum yield components to all the genotypes. Maximum grains yield (4593 kg ha-1) and 1000 grain weight (260.4g) were obtained from genotype (MM-50) at K level of 60 kg ha -1.

Keywords: Babar, potassium, genotypes, grain weight, kiramat, yield.

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