Assessment of heavy metal pollution due to the Lead –Zinc mine at the Ain Azel area (northeast of Algeria); Decentralization of forestry management in Cameroon.

E3 Journal of Environmental Research and Management

E3 Journal of Environmental Research and Management Vol. 6 (3) pp. 0230-0236, August 2015; © E3 Journals; ISSN 2141-7466

Household drinking water; knowledge and practice of purification in a community of Lamingo, Plateau state, Nigeria.

Miner CA 1 * , Dakhin AP 1 * , Zoakah AI 1 * , Afolaranmi TO 1 * , Envuladu EA 1 *
1 Department of Community Medicine, University of Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria
2 University of Jos, Plateau State Nigeria. (HND Microbiology)
3 University of Jos, Plateau State Nigeria.(MBBS, FWACP, PGDM)
4 University of Jos, Plateau State Nigeria. (MBBS, FMCPH, FWACP)
5 University of Jos, Plateau State Nigeria. (MBBS, FWACP)
*Corresponding Author E-mail:
Accepted 14 May 2015


Drinking water is an absolute necessity, its quality being as important as its availability. Consumption of unsafe drinking water contributes to the 4 million annual cases of diarrhoeal cases worldwide. This study aimed to determine the knowledge and practices of water purification and to assess the quality of drinking water at the point of use in a semi-urban community of Plateau State, Nigeria. A total of 368 respondents from a corresponding number of households were selected through a multistage sampling method. Data was obtained with the use of a semi-structured interviewer administered questionnaire. Water samples were then obtained from a subset of 90 households for physicochemical and microbiological analysis. A total of 368 respondents were selected. Knowledge of water purification practice was good in 26.1% of respondents and 54% practiced at least one method of purification in their household. Commonest method of water purification was the addition of alum (43.3%).Relationship between water purification and occurrence of diarrhoea in children was found to be statistically significant (p < 0.05). Physicochemical parameters were essentially normal for obtained water samples with coliforms detected in 40% of the samples. Health education messages and household water treatment interventions would be of benefit in this community.

Keywords: household drinking water, purification practices, knowledge, quality

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